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  • The Light Brigade in flourescent with festival goers
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Walkabout Theatre

About our Walkabout

If you've enjoyed a Vamos Theatre production, you'll love our street theatre Walkabout, where our full mask characters get out and about with the public at festivals and events.

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Our Midwives on Call, with their starched aprons and sensible shoes, respond at a moment’s notice to any unexpected deliveries. Spick, span and no-nonsense, rely on our trusty Midwives to avert ‘medical emergencies’, check the public are in tip top health, and definitely deliver babies! Led by the formidable Matron, they always keep calm and carry on.

You can't miss the Crimplene Crusaders: our twin-set clad campaigners will keep a firm eye out for any slouching, flirting or hand-holding, making sure that good old fashioned values are championed. On very special occasions, they may be persuaded to let their hair down and demonstrate some unrivalled disco moves to their favourite modern music.

As for our Cheapskate Catering, you'll be simply amazed by their incompetence! Serving drinks and canapés at events, the Cheapskate team guarantee silliness, clumsiness, inappropriate flirting, over-attentiveness, drunken and attention-seeking behaviour of all kinds, transforming your event into an occasion your guests will never forget!!

Powered by the people – here comes The Light Brigade! Turn the dynamo, light up the night and get this party started…Vamos Theatre’s The Light Brigade is on hand to charge up Light Festivals and night time events with colour, music and hilarity. Using the latest low-impact dynamo-technology, The Light Brigade pulls in the public to get high energy results – turning people’s joy and playfulness into light via dancing flash mobs, disco ball fishing rods, ‘do not press’ energy buttons and turn-the-wheel dynamos. The Light Brigade is an energy-collecting posse of fun who’ll get the crowd moving and dancing, lighting everything up as they go. Child and family friendly. Lower environmental impact.

And at Christmas time, there's No Room at the Premiere Inn. It's not looking good for Mary and Joseph. They’re en route to Bethlehem, the donkey’s done a runner with the sat nav, and one wrong turn later they’ve found themselves on the streets of the UK with only a map of a well-known hotel chain to show them the way. With Mary about to give birth, will the good people of Britain help them find their way? Can Joseph satisfy Mary’s cravings for prawn cocktail crisps?? And can she keep her legs crossed, or will Christmas come early this year?

All our acts are out and about throughout the year. If you're interested in booking one of our acts for your event, visit the Walkabout promoters' page for full details.

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Tour Map

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Due to the nature of Walkabout and festivals, map positions are approximate.

 So very, very, VERY funny!