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Workshop: 100 per cent communication

About the workshop

This workshop examines how effective communication makes for more successful business. Through hands-on exercises and discussion, participants look at the impact of the body, posture, gesture, pace, tone of voice, facial expression, eye-contact, and even touch, and the role these play in how we come across to others.

Participants assess what part empathy has to play in business culture, consider listening, attending, and status, and look at ways of building trust, creating good relations, and finding clarity in management through the non-verbal. By understanding what isn’t being said, participants gain the skills to better manage, inspire, and influence their team, associates, and business connections.

•   An Increased awareness of physicality and how you come across to others
•    The ability to ‘read’ others by how they act, not what they say
•    The tools to stay confident in high-pressured communication situations
•    An understanding of the role of empathy and observation in good communication

Booking details

Suitability: all
Course size: maximum 24 participants
Duration: 2-3 hours, tailor made to suit client
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or email learning[at]



Amazing experience, both from a team building and learning perspective

Participant - 100% Communication workshop


This was awesome – so much fun and a great team building experience

Participant - 100% Communication workshop

 This has helped me connect better with people