Workshop: Listening with your Eyes

About the workshop

Listening with your Eyes is a workshop for anyone who wants to better develop skills of empathy, insight, listening and trust-building, particularly in the arena of Health and Care.

Suitable for all experiences, Listening with your Eyes explores practically the many ways in which we make connections, with the emphasis on the non-verbal. It looks at the impact of body language, mood, eye-contact, touch, and gesture, and shows how tone of voice can change the meaning of the words we say. It explores the many ways in which ways we can still connect with someone when words may no longer make any sense. The workshop offers an opportunity for participants to see the powerful effect of non-verbal techniques, and their benefit in helping us make real and honest connections – particularly with those living with dementia.

The workshop is led in a supportive and playful way, with as much laughter as possible, so that participants relax and engage with the session. Our aim is for everyone to learn through their own discovery; to feel for themselves, to see with their own eyes and so to empathise with others more easily.

Who is it for and what are the benefits?
Listening with your Eyes has proved invaluable to a wide range of professions for whom connection with the public is central, in particular those working in the Health and Care sector: past participants have included care home staff, GPs, nurses, police, family support workers, bereavement counsellors, occupational therapists, CAB advisors, teachers, receptionists and transport drivers.

As England develops Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) across Health and Social Care, person-centred care is a uniting thread amongst the sectors. Listening with your Eyes enables individuals and organisations to develop sustainable habits of person-centred care through experience, education, engagement and entertainment. It offers a range of tools and techniques not ordinarily gained in short workshops that support the implementation of good practice in person-centred care, providing practical and effective training tools to develop caring habits and increase wisdom.

Personal learning outcomes:
•    Gain an understanding of empathy, deep listening, insight, and trust, which feed into the Compassion in Practice 6Cs - care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence.
•    Learn ways of giving positive affirmation and communication without words that is physical, honest, clear and caring.
•    Learn ways of creating a calm and caring atmosphere in the workplace
•    Gain an increased understanding of person-centred care
•    Gain confidence in finding ways to reach and connect with people living with dementia

Wider benefits:
•    Encourages a caring culture and increasing the person-centred capacity of an organisation
•    Adds to a caring curriculum content, including people living with dementia
•    Increases the competence and capability of staff with sustainable and supported caring skills and habits
•    Can be used as part of an educational strategy which supports habits and skills at scale

Booking details

Suitability: All
Course size: Maximum 20 participants
Duration: 2 hours
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form



I was totally in awe and inspired by the work you do and the messages and lessons we learn – everything is done so beautifully, so carefully and is full of energy and enthusiasm.

Helen Codd - Engagement Manager, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group


Probably the best delivered training I have had - ever.

Lisa Woakes - Listening with Your Eyes participant


Thank you for a fantastic workshop this afternoon which left me feeling energised and reflective about by practice. Truly inspiring!

Natalie White - Listening with Your Eyes participant


The workshop really gives a deep level of understanding to how much we communicate between one another with and without vocabulary. I would highly recommend 'Listening with you Eyes.'

Max Wil - New Horizons Support Services

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