Current funders

Our funders

Vamos Theatre is an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.

We would also like to thank  the following organisations for their support:

The Eveson Charitable Trust
The Elmley Foundation
Worcestershire County Council

Arts Council England; through Grants for the Arts
The Bransford Trust; support for Vamos Young People's Theatre 2015-2018
Worcestershire County Council Arts Service; support for regional activity through Arts Grants 2015-2018
The Albert & Elizabeth Clarke Trust (Strategic Touring support 2018)
Sir Barry Jackson Trust (support for Sharing Joy 2018, The Best Thing 2017, and Vamos Young People's Theatre's Vesta Tilley project 2016)
Gary Wiltshire (Sharing Joy and Finding Joy 2018 tours)
Councillor Jane Potter (Strategic Touring support 2018)

Worcestershire Arts Partnership: support for our GFA project 'Developing Audience Diversity of Touring'
Worcestershire County Council Divisional Fund 2016: Cllrs Bob Banks, Paul Denham, Matt Jenkins
Worcester Arts Council; support for Vamos Young People's Theatre 2015
Eveson Charitable Trust; support for Sharing Joy care home tour 2015
Worcestershire County Council Divisional Fund 2015: Cllrs Derek Prodger, Paul Tuthill

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 How impressive the mask making and mask productions are