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Boy on the Roof
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About the show

Vamos Theatre, in a co-commission with London International Mime Festival and a co-production with New Wolsey Theatre, presents

Boy on the Roof

At no 73 Cooper St, Brian Baxter wishes his son wasn’t so irritating. Liam Baxter can’t switch off, can’t sit still, he’s disruptive at school and chaotic at home. As for Liam, he just wishes someone understood him.

Three doors down, Albert keeps himself to himself, sticks to his routines. At 91, he knows what he likes and likes what he knows. But Albert misses his wife and just wishes that someone, somewhere would have time for him.  

When Liam and Albert’s paths cross, no one can fathom what an earth they have in common. But the boy and the man share more than they know, and what slowly grows is a friendship that both of them need, even if the rest of the world can’t see it.

Created through Community Conversations across the UK, gathering people’s experiences of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity (ADHD), loneliness, aging, hearing loss, connection and community, Vamos Theatre’s Boy on the Roof is the story of an unlikely friendship, where acceptance, understanding and love find their way to centre stage.

As with all its productions, Vamos Theatre welcomes everyone to see Boy on the Roof, including people who may need a more accepting auditorium environment. The company invites all its audiences to join in supporting this inclusivity, so that everyone feels welcome.

Suitable for 12+, this production contains references to drugs.


Total Tour Personnel: 3 performers + 2 technicians
Venue Technical Staff Requirements:  a minimum of 2 resident technicians for get-in, performance calls and get out, to be provided by the venue; no contras
Min. stage area: a minimum of 7 metres depth x 7 metres width x clearance of 3 metres to grid
Duration: 70 mins, no interval (tbc)
Suitability: 12 years +
Lighting:  a lighting pre-rig is essential and a blackout is required
Sound: we provide show laptop running QLab and external soundcard (6 x 1/4" jack outputs to 6 speakers). We provide 4 x onstage speakers with the venue to provide suitable front-of-house set up.
Min get in time: approximately 8 hours, depending on venue and with a pre-rig in place.
Max get out time: the get out starts immediately after the final show and takes a maximum of 2 hours. Please note this also includes time for post-show audience engagement, something venues find very beneficial.


We have developed a strong reputation for creating work that attracts people who are less engaged in arts and culture. Audiences find our full mask theatre accessible because it’s highly visual and unerringly human. We connect with diverse audiences, and because there is no barrier of words to overcome, we attract people whose first language isn’t English. We have a strong following among deaf audiences who don’t miss out on the story, as there’s no need for BSL interpretation.

Audience Engagement

To give the best possible value and audience experience, we can offer official Post Show Chats or a less formal chance to meet and chat with the performers after the show in the foyer.

See the show trailer

Relaxed Performances

Relaxed Performances are for anyone who may be put off going to the theatre because they need a more flexible and easy-going theatre environment. Audience members can come and go freely during the show (low level houselights will be on), noise and movement in the audience are no problem, there are small adjustments to the lighting and sound to try to limit shocks or stresses, and venue staff are on hand to help and support. We also provide venues with Visual Story guides for our shows, which explain what happens using pictures and accessible text.

If you think you might be interested in hosting a Relaxed Performance, please get in touch with us

Learning and Participation

Vamos Theatre offers workshops for schools, colleges and universities, which can run alongside a performance booking, giving a unique experience of full mask and physical theatre. You can find out more information on our Learning pages.

More information and booking

 Boy on the Roof tours the UK in Spring 2024. For more online information, see the Boy on the Roof show page.

For further information, please contact Claire Morton, Executive Producer on 01905 312921 or by email on claire[at]