Talk: Making connections

About the talk

Rachael Savage, Vamos Theatre’s Artistic Director, brings arts-led practice to life in a talk on the Vamos’s  work within the Health and Care sector. She focuses on the creation and learning behind the international touring theatre show, Finding Joy, a production about living with dementia, and the development of Vamos’s unique person-centred Health and Care training. In an engaging, poignant and entertaining talk, Rachael gives an insight into the positive impact engagement with the arts can have on people receiving care, their carers, and their families.

Benefits and learning outcomes
•  Presented by one of the UK's leading experts on non-verbal communication
•  Provides a springboard for further discussion about positive communication that is physical, honest, clear and caring
•  Creates an inspiring impetus for including the arts in Health and Care practice
•  Demonstrates the positivity of forging connections and collaborations between arts and health organisations

Booking requirements/information
  30-45 minutes
Technical: a projector is required for photo and film presentation

To discuss the talk in more detail and to book call us on 01905 312921 or contact us via our Contact Form

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