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  • The Light Brigade in flourescent with festival goers
  • Crimplene Crusader kisses a lucky man
  • Cheapskate waitress carries vol au vents
  • Nurse Flo and Matron peak at passers-by
Walkabout Theatre
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About our Walkabout

From festivals to celebrations, family fundays to launches, Vamos Theatre has been performing full mask Walkabout since 2006.

We currently have five Walkabout acts available for booking:

Midwives on Call
, 1940s wartime midwives, perfect for vintage, health and community days.
Crimplene Crusaders, our naughty octogenarian upholders of moral values, great for festivals and weddings.
Cheapskate Catering, catering staff who are proud to cut corners, another great act for food fairs, weddings, birthdays and celebrations.
Powered by the people – here comes The Light Brigade, an energy-collecting posse of fun who’ll get the crowd moving and dancing, lighting everything up as they go. Ideal for Light Festivals and night time events.
No Room at the Premiere Inn, Mary and Joseph have got lost - especially for Christmas.

Witty and wordless, our Walkabout crosses language barriers, is self-contained, and needs no stage or technical equipment. Check out individual acts for more details.

Some essentials

We need a secure changing area near to the performance site, where the performers can get into costume and leave their valuables during performance

We need a parking space nearby

Please allow a minimum of 1 hour for a site visit and and costume change prior to the first performance slot

Helpful details

A usual booking is 3 x 30 mins, with 2-4 actors depending on act and budget

For urban settings, wide, pedestrianised areas are perfect, with a high footfall

Squares and areas of focus work better than a high street, as they allow more opportunities to interact

All our acts work well indoors.

How to book

Our Walkabout acts are available for booking via internationally-renowned agency Fool's Paradise: please call them on +44 (0)1392 454160 or visit

Alternatively, please call us here at Vamos Theatre on +44 (0)1905 312 921 or click here to contact us

Midwives on Call

three midwives in a rowAprons starched, caps ironed, sensible shoes polished, and a bottle of Wartime Spirit secreted in their trolley, our Midwives on Call are ready to respond at a moment’s notice to any unexpected deliveries at festivals, parties or special events. Spick, span and no-nonsense, rely on our trusty Midwives to avert ‘medical emergencies’, check the public are in tip top health, and definitely deliver babies! Armed with bandages, towels and everything needed to avert a crisis, our girls – led by the formidable Matron - always keep calm and carry on.

Our Midwives have performed at festivals as diverse as Glastonbury, Wilderness, Lovebox, Gartenfestival Fulda (Germany) and Maskefestival Næstved (Denmark). Ideal for vintage or retro festivals, family days, health-themed events, and more. Book Midwives on Call.

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Crimplene Crusaders

Crimplene Crusaders tidy up the public

These octogenarian upholders of moral values are out and about with one thing on their minds: to keep standards high. Our twin-set clad campaigners will keep a firm eye out for any slouching, flirting or hand-holding, making sure that good old fashioned values are championed. The Crimplene Crusaders are a naughty bunch of ladies who won’t hesitate to get interactive with public and festival goers - on very special occasions, they may be persuaded to let their hair down and demonstrate some unrivalled disco moves to their favourite modern music. With Crimplene Crusaders around, who needs superheroes?

Funny, eye-catching and very, very naughty, our Crimplene ladies have created a riot of fun at numerous events and festivals. Book Crimplene Crusaders.

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Cheapskate Catering

Cheapskate cheeky waitress

Welcome to Cheapskate Catering, providing unrivalled waiting staff for your every event, party or festival. Each one of our waiting staff has completed an intensive 10 minute training course, so rest assured that when it comes to politeness, discretion and efficiency, our team doesn’t have a clue what’s going on. Whilst serving drinks and canapés we guarantee silliness, clumsiness, inappropriate flirting, over-attentiveness, drunken and attention-seeking behaviour of all kinds, transforming your event into an occasion your guests will never forget! You’ve tried the best, now go Cheapskate! We’re proud to cut corners. Book Cheapskate Catering.

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The Light Brigade

three midwives in a rowPowered by the people – here comes The Light Brigade! Turn the dynamo, light up the night and get this party started…Vamos Theatre’s The Light Brigade is on hand to charge up Light Festivals and night time events with colour, music and hilarity. Using the latest low-impact dynamo-technology, The Light Brigade pulls in the public to get high energy results – turning people’s joy and playfulness into light via dancing flash mobs, disco ball fishing rods, ‘do not press’ energy buttons and turn-the-wheel dynamos. The Light Brigade is an energy-collecting posse of fun who’ll get the crowd moving and dancing, lighting everything up as they go.

Available as a duo, trio or quartet, child and family friendly. Lower environmental impact. If you’re organising a night time event, light festival or winter celebration of any kind, The Light Brigade are on hand. Just get in touch and we’ll do the rest. Book The Light Brigade.

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No Room at the Premiere Inn

Mary and Joseph get on a bus

Especially for Christmas time! It's not looking good for Mary and Joseph. They’re en route to Bethlehem, the donkey’s done a runner with the sat nav, and one wrong turn later they’ve found themselves on the streets of the UK with only a map of a well-known hotel chain to show them the way. With Mary about to give birth, will the good people of Britain help them find their way? Can Joseph satisfy Mary’s cravings for prawn cocktail crisps?? And can she keep her legs crossed, or will Christmas come early this year?

A Christmas-themed act with a difference, No Room at the Premiere Inn works well as a town or city-centre act. Book No Room at the Premiere Inn.


Totally reliable, totally professional, totally brilliant, totally recommended

Chris Jaeger MBE, Director, Worcester Festival

We had the Crimplene Crusaders, who were hilarious!  Watching people not know quite how to react was priceless.  Definitely added a new dimension to the event and would certainly recommend them.

Simon Stewart, 33rd Management Ltd/Chilli & Cheese Festivals

They mingled about Stratford with belly-aching hilarity and dared to go where no other OAPS have ventured before!

Josefa MacKinnon, Assisted Performances Coordinator, Royal Shakespeare Company

The Midwives on Call added a real splash of energy and mischief to our NHS70 celebrations. Their shenanigans brought the whole event to life and we would not hesitate in working with them again.

Helen Codd, Engagement Manager, Dudley Clinical Commissioning Group

Cheeky, surprising, hilarious and unstoppable, they get away with the unthinkable and bring out a different side in everyone; people on the high street are invited to be curious, step out of themselves a little, belly laugh and forget what they came here to do!

Maria Oldaker, Festival Coordinator, Bromsgrove Festival

The act worked brilliantly with young and old alike, even those who were a bit reluctant! More than just a side-line to the ‘main’ act, they were an absolute highlight of the day.

Jemma Corbin, Creative Producer, The Spring Arts & Heritage Centre

[Vamos Walkabout] added a little something extra to the weekend; unassuming and discreet but clever, intriguing and fun.

Katherine Atkinson, Studio Manager, The Marlowe Theatre

They were absolutely fantastic!  The day went so well and they really added to atmosphere – they definitely caused a stir!

Promoter, Southwold Arts Festival

The Crimpleton Crusaders were one of the biggest highlights of the night, hugely entertaining and extremely professional.

Georgina Cooke, Programmes Developer, National Media Museum

Thank you for your amazing, charming theatre. It was something very cheerful and also loving, that is now in our memory concerning the garden and the terrace at the little lake.

Yvonne Winter, Offene Gartenfestival, Fulda, Germany

Vamos were a joy to have at Kidderminster Arts Festival, people absolutely loved them, the midwives are a very disarming trio of carers, it’s hard to not engage with them. They left a trail of smiles.

Loz Samuels, Arts and Play Development Officer, Wyre Forest District Council

It was a fabulous weekend from our point of view...thanks in part to your talented actors.  They created just the right amount of mischief and mayhem. Flexibility was everything and you really did our festival proud and added something extra to it.  It was just right and utterly brilliant.

Helen Webb, Guinness Care Festival of Creativity

 Easy to work with, efficient and reliable