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Case study: ExtraCare Charitable Trust

About the commission

Spring to Life was a Special Commission from ExtraCare Charitable Trust aiming to celebrate the special people living in their care homes.

This was a performance-based project based at Terryspring Court, an ExtraCare Village in Redditch, which gathered and shared residents’ life stories and experiences. We were particularly proud to be partnering with ExtraCare, an organisation that enables older people to enjoy a healthier, active and more independent lifestyle in a network of inspirational communities.

Before the project began Martin Shreeve, Chairman of ExtraCare's Board of Trustees, said, “This for me is a dream partnership, utilising the inspirational memory and experience of older people amplified through the unique talents and imagination of Vamos Theatre. It promises a Reverie of Reminiscence, an antidote to all those negative images of ageing."

The commission celebrated the stories of three residents of Terry Spring, Colin Lee (abseiler, Buddhist, Shirley Bassey impersonator), Madge Tilsley (MBE, Mayor, bicycle wrapper for Royal Enfield), and Les Marriott (strong man, gentle and kind hearted 101 year old). The stories were collected and used to inspire a professional theatre performance with live music, which was performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall as well as several ExtraCare villages.

 So cleverly performed and funny