Training performance: Out for Tea

About the performance

Out for Tea is a short theatre performance designed as a training tool for those working in the Health and Care sector. This engaging, wordless mask performance has been created to show positive caring in action and practically demonstrate the importance of non-verbal techniques in caring for people living with dementia.

Based on characters in Vamos Theatre’s national touring production, Finding Joy, the performance features Joy, who has dementia, and her grandson Danny, who cares for her. We watch the relationship between them, the subtle learning that is taking place, the playfulness, and the acceptance. The two performers are accompanied by a live musician who interweaves music throughout.

Based on our belief that learning is at its most effective when it is experiential, emotional and enjoyable, Out for Tea is an opportunity for participants to see the powerful effect of body language, mood, eye-contact, touch, and gesture, and their benefit in helping us make real and honest connections – particularly with those living with dementia.
Out for Tea is useful as a stand-alone training tool, or as a springboard for debate and discussion at Health and Care events.

Learning outcomes:
•    Gain confidence in finding ways to reach and connect with people living with dementia
•    Gain an increased understanding of person-centred care
•    Gain an understanding of empathy, deep listening, insight, and trust, which feed into the Compassion in Practice 6Cs - care, compassion, courage, communication, commitment and competence.
•    Develop your capability for caring, and your organisation’s capacity for improving quality, by learning caring habits and enhancing knowledge.

Length: approx. 20-30 mins (flexible)

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Thank you so much for supporting the conference. The feedback has proved that it was a resounding success.

Katie Burgess - LWDP

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