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Dead Good

Dead Good

Let's the end.

Bob and Bernard have only two things in common: they're both dying…and they’re not going down without a fight. So, with a bottle of Bollinger and the keys to Bernard's Bentley in hand, they decide to hit the road, and take on one final, death-defying adventure.

But when time really does start to run out, can Bob and Bernard accept the inevitable? Can their growing friendship make the difference? And by seeing the end in sight, can they truly value living?

Funny and poignant in equal measure, Dead Good is a witty, wordless theatre show about the ultimate shared experience.

Suitable for 12 years +
Accessible to deaf audiences without a signer
Dead Good is a co-production with Corn Exchange Newbury and a co-commission with London International Mime Festival, made with support from The Leche Trust.

Why have we made it?

People don’t talk about death, so we decided to start the conversation.

Why is death taboo, when it happens to all of us? If we learn to be more open, individually and as a society, can we help each other to face the inevitable? Is there such a thing as a good death? And by seeing death for what it is, do we truly value living?

Created in collaboration with palliative care patients and specialists, Dead Good is an exploration of death but, most importantly, a celebration of life - and an opportunity to get people talking and thinking about the ultimate shared experience.


Total Tour Personnel: 4 performers + 1 technician
Venue Technical Staff Requirements:  A minimum of 2 resident technicians for get-in, performance calls and get out, to be provided by the venue; no contras
Min. stage area: negotiable, with an ideal minimum of 7 metres depth x 7 metres width x clearance of 3 metres to grid
Duration: 70 mins, no interval
Suitability: 12 years upwards
Lighting:  We tour with one technician, so a lighting pre-rig is essential, and a blackout is required
Sound: We operate sound on QLab using our own laptop with an external soundcard, running 4 x 1/4" jack outputs to 4 speakers: we provide 2 x onstage speakers and require the venue to provide suitable front-of-house speaker set up.
Min get in time: Approximately 8 hours, depending on venue and with a pre-rig (essential) in place.
Max get out time: The get out starts immediately after the final show and takes a maximum of 2 hours. Please note this also includes time for post-show audience engagement, something venues find very beneficial.


We have developed a formidable reputation for creating work that attracts people who are less engaged in arts and culture. Audiences find our full mask theatre accessible because it’s highly visual and unerringly human. We connect with diverse audiences, and because there is no barrier of words to overcome, we attract people whose first language isn’t English. We have a strong following among d/Deaf audiences who don’t miss out on the action, as there’s no need for signing.

Audience Engagement

To give the best possible value and audience experience, we can offer official Post Show Chats or a less formal chance to meet and chat with the performers after the show in the foyer.



This show takes a viewer so deep into oneself that one is left dazed somehow...Wonderful just so wonderful.
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Owen J Lewis, Love Shrewsbury

Go see Dead Good, you’ll be inspired to enjoy every day, but take some tissues.

Tammy Gooding, BBC Hereford and Worcester

With lots of laughter and fun throughout, at the end when the lights are fading, you could have heard a pin drop…and there wasn’t a dry eye left in the theatre.
Read the full review here

Emma Trimble, Behind the Arras

a show bubbling with humour and awash with pathos.
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Chris Eldon Lee, Midlands What's On

a mesmerising and life-affirming piece of theatre.
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Claire Howden, The Reviews Hub

The company has a strong, identifiable style and a real knack for making sensitive, issue-based popular entertainment. They know how to connect!

Donald Hutera, Dance and Performance critic The Times

I loved this thoughtful production.
See the full review here.

Dave Massey, Brum Hour

…delicately mixes great pathos and ridiculous schoolboy humour.
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Brett Herriot, ScotsGay Arts

Dead Good leaves a lasting, and uplifting impression.
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WJ Quinn, The Scottish Play

Relaxed Performances

We believe in making our work as accessible as possible, and we work with bookers to encourage as many Relaxed Performances as possible.

Relaxed Performances are for anyone who may be put off going to the theatre because they need a more flexible and easy-going theatre environment. Audience members can come and go freely during the show (low level houselights will be on), noise and movement in the audience are no problem, there are small adjustments to the lighting and sound to try to limit shocks or stresses, and venue staff are on hand to help and support.

We also provide venues with Visual Story guides for our shows, which explain what happens using pictures and accessible text.

If you think you might be interested in hosting a Relaxed Performance, please get in touch with us to see how we can help.


As part of the Dead Good offer, we have a special full mask Walkabout act designed to promote the show or take part in health and care events. For more details, see our Walkabout page.

Learning and Participation

Vamos Theatre offers workshops for schools, colleges and universities, which can run alongside a performance booking, which give a unique experience of full mask and physical theatre. You can find out more information on our Learning pages.

Further information and booking

 For further information, please contact Claire Morton, Executive Producer on 01905 312921 or by email on claire[at]

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