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We believe in the transformative potential of full mask theatre, and so want as many people as possible to have access to what we do.

We perform shows in theatres, care homes, community venues, festivals, schools, hospitals and in the street. And whilst we make our work with everyone in mind, we also tailor performances and workshops to suit specific needs and audiences.  

Coming to see a show
When we tour, we encourage all our venues to consider the accessibility of their theatre and marketing, so that our performances reach the widest possible audiences.

The Deaf Community
We work with deaf consultants to make sure our performances and workshops are accessible to the deaf community. All our mask theatre is wordless and directly accessible to deaf audiences with no need for BSL interpretation and our productions include deaf friendly /BSL signed trailers.

Relaxed Performances
Where venues can offer it, our tours include Relaxed Performances, which are for anyone who may be put off going to the theatre because they need a more flexible and easy-going theatre environment. Audience members can come and go freely during the show (low level houselights will be on), noise and movement in the audience are no problem, there are small adjustments to the lighting and sound to try to limit shocks or stresses, and venue staff are on hand to help and support.

Visual Stories
If you're coming to a Relaxed Performance and would like to know the story in advance, you can download the show’s Visual Story, which explains what happens using pictures and accessible text. Read and download our Visual Stories

Meet the Cast
We want to make real, honest connections with people  - about and through our work  - and it really matters to us what you think: we include as many post-show chats as we can, and some performances finish with the chance to meet and chat with the cast in the foyer. We encourage audiences to give us feedback through either a physical or digital feedback form so you can let us know what we’re doing right, and what we can do better.

Widening access to theatre
We’ve created a number of performances specifically for residents and carers in care homes and for people with sensory issues, learning disabilities and/or autism.  

Sharing Joy
This is a colourful and interactive performance for people living with dementia and their carers, Sharing Joy can be performed at almost any venue, including care homes, GP surgeries, dementia cafes or wherever we will fit. Anyone who wants to come, can. Find out more about Sharing Joy.

Mischief has been created especially for people with sensory issues, learning disabilities and/or autism, and those living with dementia. It's a 60-minute interactive performance, workshop and celebration featuring comic out-and-about characters, interactive sensory play, and a special mask theatre workshop. Find out more about Mischief!

Love Through Double Glazing
Originally created for care homes during the pandemic, Love Through Double Glazing is staged entirely outside (with windows closed) and viewed from the inside - during lockdown this offered residents connection and entertainment during periods of quarantine. The show works equally well in more normal times , however, and is consistently one of our most popular performances! Funny, cheeky and unashamedly silly, Love Through Double Glazing brings you clowning, music, food fights, bubbles and ballet, even a real life dog, creating the ultimate armchair enjoyment. FInd out more about Love Through Double Glazing.

Ways to join in
We welcome everyone to our workshops. In particular,  we work with BSL interpreters to ensure all our workshops are accessible for deaf participants, and we work with deaf actors and workshops leaders.  See a BSL trailer about our workshops

Vamos Central
Vamos Central is our group for people with learning disabilities (25+) who meet weekly in term-time to learn theatre skills, have fun, be playful, and create and share inspiring theatre. Find out more about Vamos Central

Accesibility on our website
We’ve lots of content on our website that can help you access our work better:

  • See our Film pages for BSL signed, subtitled and non-verbal trailers
  • All our imagery has alt text so that screen readers can describe them
  • Our Comments Book is always open: leave us a comment about a show or workshop, let us know how we can improve our accessibility, ask us a question or just say hello. We'd love to hear from you! Visit our Comments Book.

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