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Love Through Double Glazing
Promoters' Information

Love Through Double Glazing

Love Through Double Glazing, a co-commission with London International Mime Festival, is a new performance created during the Covid-19 pandemic. Made especially for care homes, day centres and other settings where visiting is restricted, It's staged entirely outside (with windows closed at all times), but viewed from the inside where it’s warm, cosy and, most importantly, safe. No performers or staff need access inside the building.

About the show
Florence has a little white dog, a trolley full of tricks and a no-nonsense attitude. When visitors come to her care home, Florence is the first on the scene and the most in the know. So when (over-enthusiastic) Geoff the armchair fitness instructor, (over-pompous) Maurice the chef de cuisine  and (overly clean) Keith the window cleaner arrive ready for work, Florence is waiting in the wings to disrupt their day.

Funny, cheeky and unashamedly silly, Love Through Double Glazing brings you clowning, music, food fights, bubbles and ballet, even a real life dog, creating the ultimate armchair enjoyment  – all from the safety of your window seat.

Love Through Double Glazing is written and performed by Cirque du Soleil clown performer Sean Kempton, Rachael Savage, Artistic Director of Vamos Theatre, and Norah, the fluffy, white dog.

"It was a riot of fun and laughter, but most importantly, love. The show generated so much interaction and comment it brought back a sense of normality to us all." Richard White, DIrector, Stanfield Care Home, Worcester.

Love Through Double Glazing is a co-commission with London International Mime Festival. Worcestershire touring in 2021 is supported by The Prime Foundation, and the 2020 development and pilot were supported using public funding by Arts Council England, with additional support from Creative Scotland, Sir Barry Jackson Trust, Richard Cadbury Charitable Trust, Glencora Fund and through Divisional Funds from Worcestershire and Warwickshire County Councils.


Set up: 1 hr before the performance
Performance: 35 minutes
Packing away: 45 minutes
Total visit: 2 hours 20 mins

What's required

An outside performance space of at least 4 m x 4m, easily viewable from a window

A window or windows big enough for residents to sit at with front row seats


Sean Kempton
Rachael Savage
Norah the dog


Love through Double Glazing made us make us laugh more than we have laughed in a very long time.

Richard White, Director, Stanfield Care Home

I haven’t laughed so much for ages.

Harry, 91, Rushwick Care Home

The show was great. I liked the chef - he was really funny

Claude, Arden House

I wish Bob was with me to share so much fun

Mary, 96, Rushwick Care Home

I liked the old lady with the dog and the bubbles and I enjoyed the cake

Bill, Arden House

He's a cheeky young man, but if I  were younger he would not know what had hit him.

Sheila, 86, Rushwick Care Home

I really liked the show - it brightened up my afternoon

John, Arden House

I can’t believe it, I feel alive again.

WAlter, 84, Rushwick Care Home

Briliant, very professional and so well organised. The guys loved the dog, it was very funny and we were laughing out loud...

Arden House Care Home, Leamington Spa

Booking details

For further information and to book, please contact Claire Morton, Executive Producer on 01905 312921 or email claire[at]vamostheatre.co.uk