Full Mask workshop for Performers

About the workshop

Join Vamos Theatre’s Artistic Director, Rachael Savage, for a one day exploration of full mask theatre performance. This course is suitable for all professional actors, performers and theatre makers. During this creative, high energy and inspiring day, participants will:
•    Be introduced to Vamos’s approach to full mask devising and performance
•    Learn techniques of full mask and physical theatre: using focus, characterisation and improvisation with mask  
•    Devise as a mask ensemble
•    Meet like-minded people and arts professionals

Please note: Vamos often finds new professional performers for productions and Walkabout work through these workshops.

Booking details

Suitability: 18 years plus
Cost: £60 per person
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form

We have an upcoming Masterclass with Rachael Savage, which is similar to this workshop. For more information, see our Next Workshops page



Regardless of their personal ambitions/state of mind/confidence everyone achieved a sense of belonging in the group and a chance for individual development. I cannot recommend Vamos enough for the wonderful work they do

Wendy Wareham - Revealing the Mask workshop


What a terrific and useful day at the Revealing the Mask workshop at Southbank! I walked in with little experience, but within hours I was devising an entire scene.  Beautiful masks, clear instruction, and a joyful time for all. I highly recommend Vamos Theatre!

Shelley Wyche - Revealing the Mask workshop


Packed with great activities and so many information and useful tools for performers and theatre makers.  Everyone felt safe and free to explore. Great Great GREAT work!

Chiara D'Anna - Revealing the Mask workshop


Vamos offer a completely different approach to mask work that is invaluable for any performing arts professional. Fun, playful and inspiring!

Sam Gibbs - Performer (Full Mask for Performers)


It was great fun and re-sparked many needed techniques and processes. I really enjoyed re- connecting with the masks. Like finding friends.

Sian Jenner - Revealing the Mask workshop

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 I loved this workshop...thank you