This week's The Best Thing About Me features performer Aron De Casmaker (pictured right) and choreographer Rachael Alexander (who is very proud of her rhubarb)

The Best Thing about me is...
Aron: I’m magic
Rachael: The best thing about me is my rhubarb, its huge. 

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old...
A punk
Rachael: Film director or prime minister

What was the first single you bought? And in what format?
Aron: Anytime I liked a song by someone I’d always buy the album. Singles were never on my radar. That said the first album I ever went out and bought was a cassette of either Stop Killing Me by Death Sentence or Feed Us a Fetus by Dayglo Abortions. Classic Canadian bands. You should check them out.
Rachael: I never bought a single, I bought albums on cassette - Michael Jackson’s Bad was my first (obviously)

What was your most cringe worthy childhood outfit?
Aron: I had a florescent yellow Vuarnet t-shirt that I wore everyday for about a year and a half until it disintegrated on my body. I don’t think it ever saw the inside of a washing machine and must have been obscene to look at but I wore it with unshakeable glee.
Rachael: Any dress

What were you most scared of as a child?
Aron: Mushroom clouds and invading paratroopers coming at the same time. I had a lot of nightmares that they would occur simultaneously.
Rachael: The idea that I'd have to wear jewellery when I grew up. I hate jewellery.

What was your favourite childhood holiday?
Aron: The summer holidays; no school.
Rachael: France, all of them, every one, camping of course.

The Best Thing about me as a child was…
: Still that magic thing.
Rachael: My drawings. I was really good at it.