I have been a fan of Vamos Theatre for around 10 years. Becoming an Amigo is a way of helping to spread the word of this brilliant company.

I just love it when people I’ve told about the company actually attend a performance; some experiencing mask theatre for the first time. They’ve been so intrigued by the masks and the fact that no words are spoken.  Many interesting conversations have opened up!

To date I have only once sold programmes and merchandise at a performance but it was great to get to chat with audience members and hear their comments.

To help with publicity, I’ll carry flyers around with me all the time for the latest production. If I see a suitable notice board, or a place where other arts activities are on display, I’ll either add a flyer to the display or leave some around in a suitable place. For example, they’ve been left in The Arts Picture House in Cambridge; in local libraries; village halls; hairdressers; local arts venues; hotels; pubs; cafes. It's good because it means I'm always on the lookout for places to promote a show.

Flyers are sent off to friends who live in areas the company is touring to, and I’ll hand them out to colleagues in my dance classes, some of whom have offered to take a batch to put up in their locality, thus spreading the word further.

I never think about how much time all this takes, for I just love doing it.

Every production I’ve seen I have enjoyed, but there is one that does stand out for me, and that is the first tour of Nursing Lives. The three performers (all female) not only portrayed a host of characters but also did everything else as well from the get-ins and get-outs to operating the sound and lighting. It was remarkable!

How far the company has travelled from those early days to the prestigious company of today. Congratulations Vamos Theatre!  


Vamos Amigos are a special group of our supporters who help spread the word. As Liz says in her blog, Amigos help in all sorts of ways from distributing flyers to helping on the night, and in return we offer a free ticket to a Vamos Theatre performance at the venue of your choice (subject to availability). If you would like to find out more about becoming an Amigo, get in touch.