We’re delighted to have been awarded funding from the Mo Siewcharran Fund to support an intern from an under-represented community in our Learning and Participation department.

The Mo Siewcharran fund helps to transform lives and inspire young Black, Asian and  ethnically diverse careers in the creative industries. This placement will give a young Black, Asian or ethnically diverse Intern a unique training opportunity to be part of the Vamos Theatre team for six months, working across all areas of our Learning and Participation delivery.

Recruitment and support will be provided by Creative Access, a social enterprise, supporting people from under-represented communities in the creative industries and unrivalled in diverse recruitment and inclusion.

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy informs all areas of our activity and practice and is central to us as an organisation. We want our approach to diversity to be proactive, innovative and progressive. We aim to increase the representation of a wider range of ethnicities within our organisation, in order to impact on delivery in a range of settings (including our Learning & Participation work with young people and a range of communities). This will in turn impact on the stories we tell in our theatre productions and make mask theatre more representative of and relevant to a wider range of participants, audiences, practitioners and artists.

Claire Morton, our Executive Producer, comments, “We are thrilled to have been awarded funding from the Mo Siewcharran Fund. The grant will enable us to offer an internship within our Learning & Participation department to a young person from an under-represented community and we are delighted by the prospect of positive change this will bring to us as a company and to the young person’s future career. Support from Creative Access will help us take important steps in developing Vamos Theatre as a more representative arts organisation, impacting on our planning, our processes and working towards a more diverse future work-force. We look forward to offering our intern the best possible experience and a valuable stepping stone to the next stage of their career.”

For more information and to apply, visit Creative Access at http://ow.ly/wVIt30speZL