We're delighted that our work has been featured in the Journal of Dementia Care - a a multidisciplinary journal for all professional staff working with people with dementia.

Following up from a feature in 2018 about our early dementia-related projects, this month's edition (Nov/Dec 23) updates the story and details the work we have been doing since then to support and entertain people living with dementia and those who care for them. Covering our pandemic care home performance, Love Through Double Glazing, the development of Listening with your Eyes, our workshop for carers, and the creation of our latest interactive performance for people with sensory issues, learning disabilities and living with dementia, Mischief!, the article puts what we do in context and helps explain why our work with the health and care sectors is so important to us.

The edition also features articles on digital technology, grief and dementia and many more.

We'd like to thank Sue Benson and everyone at the Journal for featuring our words and images. For more about the Journal of Dementia Care, visit  https://journalofdementiacare.co.uk - you can also join Dementia Community, a membership cooperative that provides learning and networking opportunities for the dementia care community at https://journalofdementiacare.co.uk/dementia-community-membership

To read the full article, you can download it as a pdf here.