We’re really pleased that Mary-Jayne Russell de Clifford has taken on the role of Deaf Ambassador. Mary-Jayne is a theatre facilitator, workshop leader, script writer, theatre maker, BSL storyteller, BSL poetry and theatre director. She is passionate about deaf theatre and collaborating British Sign Language onto the theatre stage and empowering people through the use of theatre and drama.

Mary-Jayne’s role is to spread the word about Vamos Theatre’s work, including productions and learning opportunities to the d/Deaf community, visiting deaf schools, mainstream schools with deaf units, settings that have deaf educations, deaf groups, deaf events and deaf /visual festivals. She will be delivering workshops in British Sign Language to deaf, deafened and hard of hearing people to build confidence and creativity and expand inspiration from visual stories, promoting full mask theatre as a means to connect people. Mary-Jayne will also be promoting our productions to deaf groups as visual, non-verbal theatre that doesn’t need an interpreter.

A big Vamos Theatre welcome to Mary-Jayne.


Hi, I’m Mary-Jayne. I’m here to work with Vamos Theatre. I have been invited to become a Deaf Ambassador. I really appreciate and feel thankful to be part of the Vamos family. With Vamos Theatre, I will be connecting with the deaf community. I am truly looking forward to working with Vamos Theatre and with you. Thank you!