In an action-packed Walkabout weekend, our Crimplene Crusaders made sure the crowd at Glastonbury Festival behaved themselves (well, they tried), and  our Midwives on Call did their duty with aplomb at the wonderful Maskefestival in Næstved, Denmark.

It was the first time for Vamos at Maskefestival, and Honor Hoskins and Rachael Savage had an incredibly warm welcome from organisers and audience alike. The festival, in the south of Denmark, was a celebration of full mask and included parades, workshops and performances

It was a fantastic opportunity for Vamos to share UK full mask performance style, and to meet other artists and mask audiences.We’d like to send a huge thank you to festival organisers Susan Malberg Albertsen, Helge Jørgensen and John Noerbserg for inviting us along and creating such a joyous platform for the celebration of masks.