Vamos Central is delighted to announce its summer sharing, Same World, Different Day.

Vamos Central is our group of adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities, who meet weekly in term-time to learn theatre skills, have fun, be playful, and create and share inspiring theatre. In Same World, Different Day, the group has created a magical performance to share with audiences, made through creative play and non-verbal improvisation. As the starting point for this year’s performance, the group has taken the theme of ‘One Planet’ and members have used their incredible imagination to devise a show exploring what this theme means to them. The group has worked holistically and investigated many ideas, all of which came from the members themselves.

The performance includes scenes as ‘far out’ as space! There are beautiful movement sequences and puppetry, using puppets created by the performers. With both masked and unmasked scenes, Vamos Central takes you on a journey that will stimulate your senses, bring you laughter and joy, and inspire your own imaginations. Your journey will end with an immersive experience as the performers invite you to enjoy the sensory elements of their set and welcome you into the imagination of the Vamos Central team.

Come and support Vamos Central - they'll love you to come!

Booking details:
When: Wed, 22nd May, 2024: 7pm
Where: The Studio, The Swan Theatre, The Moors, Worcester, WR1 3ED
Cost: FREE
Booking link: to get your free tickets visit The Swan booking page