Thank you to everyone who came to see us perform our new Walkabout act, Uber Happy, this weekend at Ensemble Festival - an explosive mix of art and performance that brought the very best of UK artists to the heart of the Docklands.

With the support of Ensemble, we were able to develop a brand new performance based on original work made during the pandemic with Chinese artists over Zoom – which was seen by over 12,000 people at the Modern Drama Valley Festival, Shanghai, in 2021.

Uber Happy, featuring three bike-riding drivers, bonkers dance routines, the silliest of music and deliveries of the most unexpected kind, celebrates the courageous and chaotic world of delivery drivers. Performed on Saturday by mask actors Marco Nanetti, Shanez Pattni and Gavin Maxwell (pictured) at Royal Victoria Docks, the Uber Happy team kept audiences laughing out loud with their very special deliveries.

Thank you to everyone at Ensemble Festival, producers Certain Blacks and Joanna Dong for a great launch at a fabulous festival.