We’re delighted to be able to support the NHS with our new online course for GPs, focussing on how to communicate through remote means and the barriers of PPE brought in during the pandemic.

Created in collaboration with GP Training Programme Director, Dr Catherine Kelly, Communicating Through Covid Times, is a direct response to challenges faced by GPs during Covid when they can no longer talk to patients face to face.

The course explores communicating over video call and phone, how to build trust with patients, the impact of tone of voice, and how GPs and other health professionals can show genuine care and connection when wearing masks and other PPE.

Course leader Rachael Savage explains why CTCT is proving so useful for trainee and practicing GPs:
It’s a huge privilege to be working with GPs and supporting them in dealing with the new methods of communication that they have been forced to adopt. Telephone consultations, video calling, talking behind face masks - all these add so much pressure to an already stressful world.
The course helps participants understand why today’s communication methods add additional pressures and offers supportive strategies to help. It’s a small way for us to shower love and gratitude on our incredible health service. The session is fun and honest and we manage to gain a true sense of connection even in just two and a half hours over Zoom.

Dr Catherine Kelly added:
CTCT is highly relevant and essential learning for trainees, all doctors and anyone trying to communicate and connect with patients and colleagues remotely via screens, telephone or face to face in PPE and facemasks. It is a fast-paced, fun and engaging session and it has already changed my practice for the better.”

Communicating Through Covid Times is available to GP surgeries and NHS training programmes. See more information here.