On Feb 11th Vamos took its Full Character Mask course to London’s Toynbee Studios, and had a fantastic day working with teachers and theatre practitioners.

As well as focussing on developing mask skills, the course looked at how practitioners could work most effectively with their students, including sharing devising and directing techniques, the use of music in mask performance, and ways to develop plot and character through mask.

Organised by David Farmer of Drama Resource, the day was a great opportunity for Vamos to share some of the techniques used in making the company’s professional shows, and be part of the fantastic work that Drama Resource do in promoting skills and training for teachers and practitioners.

Rachael Savage, who ran the course said, “The course was brilliantly organised by David. I hope it is the start of a great partnership, and that we can continue to promote the use and understanding of mask theatre to educators. The location of Toynbee Studios makes it very accessible for both UK and international practitioners, and I was astounded at how people had travelled so far to take part in this course: Ross from Glasgow, Florence from Argentina and Peval from Prague. I'm sure that this too has planted seeds for future collaborations.”

Huge thanks to David for organising the day, and all the participants for their fantastic input.