Mask Making and Devising residency

About the residency

Our Mask Making and Devising Residency gives school, college or university students a thorough and rounded experience of full mask.. Students and their teachers design, make, and paint their own masks and are introduced to full mask performance, learning about focus, character, movement, and stillness. Students are guided through devising a series of theatre scenes with the aim of creating a performance at the end of the week. A special feature of our residencies is the chance to work with a professional theatre musician, who provides a live musical accompaniment to the performance elements.

Booking details

Suitability: students 8 years upwards
Course size: maximum 20 participants
Duration: 1-5 days
Cost: 1 Day: £900 + travel, + accommodation
          2 Days: £1450 + travel + accommodation
          3 Days: £1900 + travel + accommodation
          4 Days: £2300 + travel + accommodation
          5 Days: £2700 + travel + accommodation
Working with a live musician has an additional cost and huge benefits
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form

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Genuinely stimulating and challenging without making any girl feel it was beyond her. It was a thrill and a joy to see my girls engage in pure, unashamed creativity...A great learning experience and good fun to boot!

Shara Parry - Head of Drama, St Mary’s, Worcester


The workshops were a brilliant experience for the children, and staff who had never seen mask work before. The staff were blown away by the things that the children achieved. Every school should try it!

Louise Fulwell - Batchley First School, Redditch

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 They really loved the workshop - and got so much out of it.