Mask Devising residency

About the residency

Vamos Theatre's Mask Devising Residency offers the chance of an immersive learning experience for school, college and university students. Participants are introduced to the techniques of full mask theatre, learning about focus, character, movement and stillness. They are guided through devising a series of scenes with the aim of creating a short theatre performance at the end of the residency. All participants are involved in the creative devising process and the final showing. Residencies can explore a specific theme, and a special feature is the chance to work with a professional theatre musician, who provides a live musical accompaniment.

Booking details

Suitability: students 8 years upwards
Course size: maximum 24 participants
Duration: 1-3 days
Cost: 1 day £425 + travel + accommodation
          2 days £800 + travel + accommodation
          3 day £1150 + travel + accommodation
Working with a Vamos live musician has an additional cost, and huge benefits
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form

Vamos Theatre is committed to a practice which protects children, young people and vulnerable adults from harm. You can read about our Safeguarding Policy here.



By removing the medium of verbal speech, Vamos created a truly democratic performance space for our students and empowered them to communicate profoundly, hilariously and emphatically. Mask theatre speaks no language but human language, one we can all understand, and I was both amazed and moved to see our students flourish throughout the week Vamos spent with us.

Hayley Venus - Teacher, Ganton School, Hull


Inspires teachers and pupils alike – making classes work as a team – all achieving something in the workshop and learning invaluable drama skills. An inspirational, uplifting day!

Teacher - Kingsley College

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 My students said it was one of the highlights of the year