Finding Joy Education Pack

About our Education Packs

Our Education Packs are designed to give teachers and students a comprehensive resource to accompany a visit to see one of our productions. Each aims to promote an understanding of the show, how it has been made, and how the processes of making theatre can feed into students’ own exam work.

The Packs feature a synopsis, cast and production team interviews, Q and As, images, and links to further reading and resources that will help you and your students gain an understanding of how plays are constructed and realised. There is also comprehensive information about the professional roles involved in theatre, and how each contributes to the production. The Packs include easy to follow classroom drama activities that introduce students to mask performance.



I would absolutely recommend the workshop as I felt that both myself and the students learned so much ..The students loved the day and have already started asking about whether we could have another one!

Gen Morlidge - Head of Drama, Le Rocquier School, Jersey


The work shop that took place at my college really made me realise how hard mask work is, but also I learnt how effective body language is when betraying an emotion. Thank you for coming!

Mollie-May Cole - Student, Exeter College

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 The Vamos workshop was the highlight of my day - thanks for coming to our school