Using Drama and Creativity in teaching Sexual Health and PSHE

About the workshop

This workshop is aimed at teachers and educators who teach PSHE and Sexual Health, subjects that may be a challenge to teach because of the embarrassment that can surround them. Participants are introduced to theatre techniques and creative teaching methods that enable fun and informative learning, but which also promote self-confidence and freedom of expression, empowering young people to make choices whilst understanding the consequences.

Booking details

Suitability: Teachers and educators (KS3 upwards)
Course size: Maximum 30 participants
Duration: Full Day or Twilight Session
Cost: 2.5 hour twilight = £250 + travel + accommodation
          Full day = £550 + travel + accommodation
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form

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 Brilliant - creative, imaginative and confidence building