Mask Making day workshop

About the workshop

Join us for a one day hands-on session of practical mask-making, based on our own methods of creating professional full masks.

Suitable for everyone over 16 years, no previous art or theatre experience is necessary - just an interest in finding out about the mask making process, an enjoyment of making things, and a willingness to get your hands dirty with paint and clay!

You will be carefully and closely guided through the stages of creating a full mask, from deciding the character to molding clay, 'pulling' the mask, and painting. And, best of all, you can to keep the mask you make at the end of the session. The days are always fun, informal, creative and friendly.

Booking details

Suitability: 16 years plus: under 18s require parent/guardian consent
Cost: £60 per person
To book: contact us on 01905 312921 or via our Contact Form

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 Messy, fun and creative - what more could I want?