Some of the Finding Joy team (L-R Tim Montague, Nanou Harry, James Greaves, Rachael Savage) reveal their hidden talents...

Being the season to be merry and all that, we thought we'd ask the Finding Joy company to reveal a little bit of what makes them tick. So we’ve created a little questionnaire and have featured four of our teams' replies right here…Look out for more next month.

Names please...
Nanou Harry (plays Old Joy/Matty/Betty)
Tim Montague (Stage Management Trainee)
James Greaves (plays Danny, Barry, Consultant)
Rachael Savage (Director)

Describe mask theatre in three words
Nanou: Crisp, fun, generous
Tim: Compelling, vibrant, elementary
James: Precise, Pure, Sweaty
Rachael: Powerful, emotive, clever

Have you got any hidden talents?
Nanou: I can do a pretty convincing imitation of an angry Donald Duck
Tim: Well I grin like a Cheshire cat, but that’s not exactly hidden… I play the saxophone and can build awesome Lego spaceships! Some may say I have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Marvel Comics and Star Wars.
James: No I am very shallow
Rachael: Finger knitting

What is best piece of the theatre you have ever seen and why?
Nanou: A Disappearing Number and Shun-Kin by Complicite. I loved the mix of humour, emotionally strong images, text and physical work
Tim: Bristol Old Vic’s 2010 production of Swallows And Amazons. The performance completely absorbed the audience of all ages through incredibly inventive and wonderfully imaginative storytelling.
James: Drfitings by Company Phillip Genty. Incredible use of puppets and illusions so that you begin to doubt your own eyes. Scale and perspective cease to mean anything.
Rachael: Le Boustraphadon - a French mask, puppet and circus production that was wild, anarchic and began with live rats on a tightrope

If a film was made about your life, who would you like to play you?
Nanou: A squirrel
Tim: James McAvoy. I think he has the required intensity and daft charm… wouldn’t you agree?!
James: I’d like Jonny Depp, but more likely to be Paul Giamatti or Steve Buscemi
Rachael: Audrey Tautou (in my dreams!)

What or who was your inspiration  to get involved in theatre?
Nanou: Emma Thompson played a big role in me becoming an actress. Please fell free to let her know.
Tim: Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He has always shown terrific integrity and creativity; making a great transition from child-actor to adult; always choosing interesting and challenging roles as an actor, writer and director. He is fearless!
James: Probably my Dad, who was in the amateur dramatics. I never saw him play as I was too young, but sorely wish I had.
Rachael: I wanted to read politics and history at uni. My mum told me to go into theatre!

You can see James and Nanou (and Tim backstage) in Finding Joy touring from January 2014.