In the second of our series, this week's The Best Thing About Me features our touring techncian Laura Sprake (pictured left) and performer Hannah Kimpton (right)

The Best Thing about me is...
Hannah: I am a bit of a sillybilly at heart. I love to play and have fun. Plus I can bake cookies that taste great!
Laura: I always do what I say I will do, I'm honest to a fault

What did you want to be when you were 10 years old...
Hannah: A vet. I loved animals, particularly my cats Sufan & Cleo, dog Suey, plus all my rabbits, guinea pig and stick insects Gertie and Bertie. Not forgetting all the snails I tried to keep (outside I hasten to add), except they kept slithering away!
Laura: I think I wanted to be a ballet dancer, which I soon rethought when I got to put on pointe shoes!

What was the first single you bought? And in what format?
Hannah: Chesney Hawkes, 'I am the One and Only' on vinyl.
Laura: It was probably one of the Now That’s what I Call Music compilations, on tape, I collected a lot of them!

What was your most cringe worthy childhood outfit?
Hannah: Without a doubt, wearing a yellow jumpsuit worn with pink pixie boots. My hair was most probably in a scrunchy too. Totally rockin' whatever that look was!
Laura:  Probably the florescent yellow trousers and matching spotted top I had for a birthday disco I had when I was about 9.

What were you most scared of as a child?
Hannah: Fire and getting burnt. Did that child thing of sneaking downstairs to peak at the TV when your parents weren't looking and 'casualty' was on, and caught sight of a man having a terrible accident and he ended up getting horrendously burnt. Totally terrifying.
Laura:  Spiders, and I'm still not too keen.

What was your favourite childhood holiday?
Hannah: Holidays to Eurocamp in France. Loved being able to swim, wander around the grounds, visit chateaux and going to order the bread every morning in French. I felt very grown up.
Laura:  Somewhere in the south of Wales when I was about ten. My family stayed in a cottage on a working farm which meant every day before we went out for adventures I got to play with the resident sheepdog.

The Best Thing about me as a child was…
Hannah: I loved adventure and being outdoors. I climbed so many trees and spent much of the summers barefoot playing imaginary games in my garden.
Laura:  Being able to keep myself entertained and my ability to climb trees with my friends, and actually not fall out of them every time. I grew up playing around the fields and woods in the village I grew up in.