Nicky Gardiner is one of our Vamos apprentices: read about what he's been up to on Finding Joy

Having done some work experience with Vamos last year on Much Ado About Wenlock, I'm back... this time working with the extremely talented company on their new show Finding Joy, and I have to say I'm loving it!!

I was asked to take part in the company’s apprenticeship scheme, taking on the role of Assistant Stage Manager and for the last four weeks it’s been busy, busy, busy!! I've made a lot of tea, I have been sent out on missions around Malvern and Worcester searching high and low for the numerous amounts of materials and props (and tea supplies) that the show requires... and let me tell you there is a lot!! Other than shopping all day I have also been working alongside the brilliant Carl Davies who has designed the set and costumes and I've helped him out where I can, whether that be painting parts of the set, making props, or just making him a cuppa here and there. He has taught me lots along the way and has made the whole experience great; it’s been a pleasure to work with him.

As well as being in rehearsals, helping the tech team carry equipment and the stage manager with note making, script typing and setting props etc, I have also delved into the equally as busy, but rather more peaceful Vamos office: I got to spend a day or two with Honor Hoskins helping her to update the database, which stores all of the venue information and more for the coming tour.

It’s coming to the end of the rehearsal period and so everybody is pulling together to make sure everything looks and sounds perfect!! I will be with Vamos for one more week helping with the get ins and get outs on the mini tour around schools before the actors take to the road for the main tour. It's all getting very exciting here and everyone’s buzzing for what is going to be an amazing show. After all the hard work and tea drinking it deserves to be!