Our friendly and diverse group meet weekly on Wednesday evenings at Worcester Arts Workshop – the home of Vamos Theatre.  This term, we have moved on from mask work and have dabbled in acting styles like; puppetry, improvisation and general script work. The way Dan introduced and taught us these styles made it fun and made us keen to improve further.

We usually start with games which help us to build our confidence and get to know and trust each other. We then focus on the development of the theme, Dan and Alice then help us with tips on what to do and how to develop the scenes.

At Vamos Youth Theatre, I have made new friends and got to know new people. Not only have my acting skills developed but my confidence has grown, my knowledge of drama has evolved and my understanding of how performances work has increased. I take drama at school but VYT brings my attention to things we don’t go over in lessons, this is one of the many reasons I enjoy it.

However, the main reason that I enjoy Vamos is that it is really good fun!

Lucy Plant