The first training with Vamos Theatre was held on March 22, 2021. Although the rehearsal of another play has just ended during the day, the thought of coming into contact with a new performance style made me feel curious and at the same time exhausted. I am curious because I wanted to see what the masks look like, I want to touch them and play with them. Exhausted is because--oh my god! I have to face the challenge of learning a new thing!

Yes, those two thoughts are contradictory,  but we are human beings, after all, we like to challenge! Hahahahahaha! When the rehearsal began, I found that director Rachael played a key role. When I was still thinking about how to adjust these contradictory thoughts, a strange and warm face appeared on the computer screen! Oh my God! Do all the foreign directors rehearse with the hyper energy like this? This made me instantly step into a happy atmosphere!

After introducing myself, playing games, and relaxing, we started the formal rehearsal. Xu's (myself) inner monologue: I can finally put on the mask, after waiting for a long time! and the first feeling of putting on the mask: it is difficult for me to breathe! ! ! So hot! ! ! But at the same time, I felt secure! No one can see my face and expression. I can be quite free. I felt much more confident. After several trainings and rehearsals, I found out: as an actor, slowly, I forget the language, begin to focus on our bodies, and learn to feel the little things around me. I am a perfectionist, so I hope that in the future, I can do everything to the best!

Xiaoxu Liu (Xu)