This Monday night Vamos Young People’s Theatre met for the first time since our epic summer working on the Godiva Project in Coventry, in celebration of the Olympic Games coming to London.

We started the session by familiarising ourselves with one another as we have gained and lost members this September. It is always a very exciting time of year for us as it’s when we approach the unknown and learn of what we are to work towards. The Young People’s Theatre have been given the task of tackling some of the socially delicate situations such as drug and alcohol abuse. We were asked to think about situations that we had heard about or experienced in relation to addiction or excess and to think about how we could represent these in masked theatre. Our ideas will be used as a catalyst of inspiration for the new professional Vamos Theatre production Finding Joy. Everyone enjoys being a part of this creative process as it allows us to feel well connected with all areas of Vamos.

To begin approaching the subject of alcohol we came together to sit and think about the sort of effects alcohol can have on a person and the situations it can often lead to. We discussed how often people's inhabitations are changed; we shared our own experiences and later split into groups and began creating characters and locations for a scene establishment.  We were given props to use such as a traffic cone, bottle of beer and even a pair of underpants! From this we began to work on our character establishments so that our mask work portrayed a drunken night out without becoming stereotypical or melodramatic. As the session concluded we shared our devised performances and discussed what was successful and what could be improved so that next week we can adapt and develop our pieces.

Alice Vellander