WIthout knowing it, I have already attended four 'English' classes, and we have a very interesting 'English teacher'. She called herself 'the director' and led us to play many games which we had never heard before. We also used masks while playing those games.

When I put on the mask, I feel like another person. While, as I couldn't speak with the mask on, it is probably not ideal for practicing my oral English.... Maybe I cannot even graduate from the 'English class'. Still, I like these classes very much. When I put on the mask, I can temporarily forget everything. I can forget the misery of life, I can forget my shortcomings,  I can forget that I am a girl...I can do whatever I want to do. I can even live happily without speaking. 

Our teacher has a very bright personality. She always smiles. Although she can't teach 'English' very well, she is great at teaching mask! She brought us lots of new perspectives about theatre. I never thought that acting can help others and that mask can be accessible to everyone.  No matter what the future is, let us live in this fairy tale now.

Yang Zhang