Colin and I first went on a date in August 1978. He had been a friend for many years, and asked me out for a meal to give me some respite, as I was helping my mother to look after my terminally ill father. It was a whirlwind romance and we were married in December the same year.

Many folk said it would never last as I had been married before, and had two children, but Colin had never been married, and it seemed he would be a confirmed Bachelor.

However, we have now been Married 40 Years in December  2018  and still send each other an anniversary card each year with the usual soppy message inside, and always add  “thank you for the wonderful years," "But it will never Last!!”

Our wedding day was fabulous, the snow stopped just as I stepped foot outside to go to the registry office.

It was a great day.

We couldn't take a honeymoon. Firstly because we had the children to take care of and secondly we just couldn't afford it.

However the proprietor of the hotel where I worked part-time, invited Colin and I to stay in the honeymoon suite for the night, we had a lovely evening meal in the restaurant, after which we went to our local pub and continued celebrating our wedding. We then went back to our hotel room. We were so surprised to find, beautiful flowers and Champagne in our room. We still laugh now when we reminisce about, waking up at and drinking very flat Chamagne because the central heating in the room was on full making us so thirsty.  In the morning we were bought a lovely breakfast in bed. and we're just made to feel so special.  

When it was time to leave, Colin searched and searched but he couldn't find his keys and after an hour of huffing puffing and trying not to show me his impatience, he eventually found them under the bed .All of a sudden there  was uncontrollable laughter coming from under the bed and Colin Suddenly Appeared red faced from laughing. He had found that on corner of the bed was held up with a beer crate.

"Our only complaint was that the crate was empty."

It was a very amusing end our to our Wedding day.

We thank the lord every day for our three gorgeous Children, who are so supportive,loving  and caring. We also have Seven Grandchildren, five biological, and two step Grandchildren. Between them all they help a great deal with my Alzheimer's.

Angie Dean