About our Strategic Touring Project

About the project

Vamos Theatre is currently receiving funding from Arts Council England as part of its Strategic Touring Programme.

Thanks to the funding, over 2017-18 we'll be greatly expanding our work with the Health and Care sectors, and in particular engaging audiences who live with dementia, their carers and their families.

We've created an exciting programme of workshops, performances, talks and events - not only for theatre venues, but for a wide range of places in the Health and Care community, from Care Homes to GP surgeries and Dementia Cafes.

Finding Joy: this award-winning theatre production about dementia is accessible, funny and poignant. The production tours the UK in Autumn 2017, with particular emphasis on attracting people who live and work with dementia. Read more about Finding Joy

Sharing Joy:  a theatre show especially created for those living with dementia and their carers. It’s a huge celebration of life and all its joys, using music, dance, nostalgia, masks, puppetry and laughter to bring pleasure and meaning to everyone involved. Read more about Sharing Joy

Workshops and training: As England develops Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) across Health and Social Care, person-centred care is a uniting thread amongst the sectors. Our workshops and training performances support this ethos of person-centred care in practice: showing how to listen and observe, how to build relationships and trust, and how to behave with compassion and empathy. Find out more about training

Strategic Touring funding has also allowed us to bring two new members to the Vamos team: Dr Marion Lynch, our Health and Care ‘Connector’, will be making new (and deepening existing) connections for us within the Health and Care sectors, working to attract new partners and widen our audiences, helping to bridge the gap between the worlds of arts and health. Read more about Marion.  Hazel Ratcliffe, who has worked for over thirty years in Health and Social Care, joins us as Strategic Touring Project Manager, overseeing the performances, workshops, talks and events that make up the project. Read more about Hazel here.

Our Strategic Touring Project will run until 2018.



Would recommend this to every care home, health establishment and school in the country! Can’t express how inspired I am, thank you!

Lorna Hollowood - St Richard's Hospice, Worcester


The workshop really gives a deep level of understanding to how much we communicate between one another with and without vocabulary. I would highly recommend 'Listening with you Eyes.'

Max Wil - New Horizons Support Services

Here are some of the things to see and take part in...

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 Thank you for a fantastic workshop this afternoon